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Hello folks.
As a lot of you will know, there was another round of macOS updates recently. I prepared as usual, quick backup of recent files, cleaned out some unused apps, all that jazz to just try a tidy up before the proper work.
Prior to the updates, and very soon after them, i always get updates for my other apps, and I’m told at the time they are for this OS update.
What I don’t get is, why can AutoDesk, Pixelmator, Serif/Affinity etc all have their apps updated to suit the OS either very soon afterwards, and in some cases beforehand, but Trimble/Sketchup can’t, and we have to wait weeks and sometimes months to catch up?
Of course, I understand I can hold back on updates, but I don’t like this, I want everything up to date, from security to app functions, after all, I am paying for the privilege.
This is having the knock on effect now that I barely use SU/LO, because quite frankly it barely works (due to not keeping up).
I’m no IT expert and I know naff all about coding, so I am no doubt being naive and need a bit of education in the reasons, but it just seems odd to me that everyone else seems to keep current except Trimble.


You can hold off on major macOS upgrades and still get security updates.

If you rely on software don’t update until your main software is ready to go… it’s simple. Your Mac still works, you might not have the shiny new thing, but you can still get work done.


Thank you, and, yes, I agree and have done that in the past but I am then missing out on the newest features of not only the OS itself but nearly every other app that uses it. I have no other piece of software on any other device (across a window pc at home and one at work, MacBook and iPad) that doesn’t keep up with the OS the way SU fails to on macOS. It’s the one single thing that makes updating a pain in the backside. Updating OS used to be risky if you were careless, but it’s now a simple, flawless process, which is sadly ruined by an app that doesn’t like it.


Well then if you prioritize having all the latest whiz bang shiny stuff then I guess you have to not use SketchUp or deal with the consequences. I mean, I use it everyday for work, so I don’t upgrade until SketchUp, Lr and Ps, and Quickbooks are all compatible.

It’s not like your computer is just going to stop working if you don’t upgrade.


It’s kind of a you problem. If you really need some sort of functionality that an OS upgrade brings, then I guess you need it.

“The top part is it” meant the top of your response was similar to what I was getting at. I was trying to help clarify but I should have clarified my own response! Lol

Well, 2024 will likely be fully Sonoma compatible, so likely just when you decide to move on it will be ready.

And you can use it now - some people having good success, others not so much. You can just try it since it sounds like you’ve already upgraded.


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Yeah, only a year late. Not bad.


I find your responses to the OP disturbing. He didn’t ask for a lecture on priorities or when to upgrade. Your advice is demeaning-- as if he hasn’t thought about his options or choices. His question is why Trimble is slower in its upgrade for Macs than the other guys. If you disagree with the premise of his question, then debate THAT point. Characterizing him as chasing “whiz bang shiny stuff” with no understanding of his needs or how he works is just insulting.

  1. We are in ‘corner bar’ area of the forum.

  2. OP admitted that the reason he upgrades so quickly is to chase those things - see their response:

  1. Perhaps I’m a realist and accept that the tools I use to make a living take precedence over anything ‘new’ that comes along. Sonoma was initially pretty full of bugs (from what I saw online) - I generally do not upgrade until I see reports that a new os is stable, and I would make sure that the software I use was supported.

  2. What new feature in Sonoma allows OP’s other software to magically change into something that it could not do in the weeks prior to Sonoma coming out?

  3. If the answer to number 4 is important to OP, then they need to make a choice and upgrade.

I don’t know what the OP means by “the top part is it…” I’ll let him clarify if he chooses. But none of that rationalizes your steering the thread in a different direction and making judgmental comments. You offered nothing to help bring clarity to his question about SU’s updating practices for Macs. To be clear, even though I’m a Mac user, I don’t know if his accusations about SU vs other programs are valid or not. But I clicked on this thread in hopes of learning something about the matter. Instead, all I’ve seen are your tangental replies based on your personal opinion. Even now, you have yet to provide any insight into the question in the original post.

OP should ask a direct question in the general forum for SketchUp. Or they can make a request in the Feature Request for ‘sketch up to follow the Apple release cycle for OS updates’.

Sorry to offend.
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Hi @dennisb - I have been told that my posts are tangential to your original post, so perhaps you can clarify for me.

What apps have new features that are critical to your personal or work use in the recent macOS update that has you updating even though SketchUp (and likely other apps) are not compatible? And did they really hinge on the OS update?

You are speaking to a guy who up until 6 months ago still used an iPhone 8 (upgraded to an SE when the battery finally quit) and still has an iPhone 6s in service for my US number

I am really curious what could change from one OS to another that brings that sort of change and features to other applications you might be using.

As stated above - I update when it’s safe and when I know the software I rely on is ready, but clearly I might be missing something here.

edit : in my personal opinion than only engages myself :

apple has their own calendar. they choose by themself when they will release the betas, and when they will release the definitive versions.

trimble has their own calendar. they choose by themself when they will release the betas, and when they will release the definitive versions.

in fact, pretty much any major player has their own calendar. they choose by themself when they will release the betas, and when they will release the definitive versions.

Sometimes they match. cool. sometimes they don’t.

Now why isn’t trimble moving its calendar to match apple’s ? because they are not apple. and they are not a 100% apple provider. they provide softwares to PC and macs, and given the choice, they should match windows releases (way more users, most of their catalog is not on mac anyway)
There are no official statistics out there, but I’ll let you guess :

  • Of the 40+ million (officially) sketchup accounts, how many are actually pro / studio accounts ?
  • of those, how many are mac os only users ?
  • of those, how many are on the last os version ?
  • of those, how many get bugs ? (not all of them, sonoma is stable for many users. or they get one single crash and then they are ok.)
  • of those bugs, how many are caused by apple (and will be fixed in the X.1 or X.2 version of the os) ?

Now, when you take this small % of users getting sonoma bugs, and compare it to all the other bugs happening to other users (ask any PC user, they’ll provide a long list), is it worth it diverting manpower from the 2024 version to a temporary fix that will hold until apple actually fix the problem on their end in a couple weeks ?

No. at least, trimble has decided that no.


Superb. Thank you. That has answered me perfectly.

Yeah no problem bmike. If you read my posts again and take it in instead of sniping at me just for asking then you’ll get there eventually.

I tried to quote post 5 and ended up somehow editing the post, so I’ve gone and messed it up there, sorry.
Tbf the messed up post now says what I meant about ‘the top bit’.
Sorry about the confusion.

Still don’t understand what might be mission critical that changed for you from one week to the next.

Did Revit all of the sudden not work on Ventura? Or something else that you needed to update in order to get work done changed?

I guess I still don’t get it.

I chase shiny things too - but not when my livelihood is involved. For me it’s SKP for 100% of my workflow. And then for life stuff it’s Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Apologies for sniping. Saw we were in the ‘corner bar’ area and was just pushing back on this idea that people think they need to upgrade immediately when they get the notice.

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wait, does revit work on mac now ? :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t think so. OP had it listed in his profile, but I was curious…