MacOS - Esc & Enter do not work the way they should

Pressing Esc brings me to some of the Views, while pressing Return (Enter) instead of confirming the values in dimensions box triggers Back View.

Trying to work here for 8 hours, did not even figure out where do these broken shortcuts come from. One cannot find them literally ANYWHERE, not in the Bar menu on the top (where shortcuts are displayed to the right from each menu element), not in the SketchUp Custom Shortcuts, not in the System Preferences - Keyboard - Shortcuts.

Second thing, which might be actually the source of my frustration, is that MacOS seems to have own set of shortcuts for SketchUp on top of Custom shortcuts. E.g. ⌘0 stands for Move, while in my Custom shortcuts it is M,…

“Working” on MacBook Air M1, MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1, SketchUp Pro 21.1.331