Mac users..mouse and 'SpaceBall"?

Does any one know about these ‘Spaceball trackballs’ and using with a mac and Sketchup.

I had some one told me that a ‘Spaceball’ is the way to go. You drive the ‘Spaceball’ from your ‘other hand’ and your right hand ‘drives’ the mouse… just think that wold be handy if you have one of these naff BT touch sensitive Mac Mighty Mouse things that are unusable or an older Mac mouse with the small roller ball that always 'clogs up, and can’t be cleaned.

Any one?

“Your Helmet is so big”

You might mean these ?


I have experienced some memory leaks on a MacBook pro Late 2013, using Sierra, and making SketchUp useless, but now connected to a iMac , have not noticed (yet?) It is a seriously impact on the graphical system, though , and if you have an option of trying before buying ,I would certainly opt for that.

3D connexion

but the one i had sen looked much like an actual ball in a frame …rather like the last one you pictured. instead of the 'knob, it was a ‘floating ball’ in that same place.

Do you know how these work ? if you normally use th mouse in the right hand…do your this device in the left hand and continue with th mouse in the right hand…so two handed use…pan/t int zoom etc on the left hand and ‘work’ with the other hand…Now that is what I was hoping for

have you tried a cheap scroll wheel mouse?

they work better than either Wacom or Connexion products on my iMac…

even when those are functioning the lost of having a free hand for keyboard shortcuts makes my modelling much slower…

I do occasionally use them for Presentation though…




I have a SpaceNavigator which looks fabulous with it’s brushed metal, matte and glossy plastic and blue LED lights, but I just don’t understand what it is for. I never take my left hand from the keyboard while working.

Yes, do actually have a cheap scroll wheel mouse, and do use it at the moment…and yes agree about the keyboard shortcuts.

I see those ‘space balls’ have multiple buttons…so I guess they could be programmed to take the functions of some keyboard shortcuts…L Q S R C etc

3D connexion mouse has only two buttons, ~€170,-- the pro comes with more buttons(lower pic) ~€300,–
Some use a gaming mouse, with more buttons, which start at a rate of ~€30,-- , but check if drivers are Mac compatible, for Mac’s in general don’t have the best gaming specs

The left handed 3d mouse option is a very personal thing. I can’t bare to be without mine now and I have no trouble moving to the keyboard as needed. But I do tend to use my touch screen with a stylus and custom toolbar plus small onscreen keyboard a lot so it is very quick. I’ve manage to make a few thing this way.
If you are a touch type keyboard person you’ll probably hate using your left hand elsewhere.

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I used to have a mouse with a very large track ball in it and that made it very easy to control the mouse when dimensioning anything in early graphics packages. I haven’t seen those for sale for a very long time. It gave your great control!

I would like to know your IMac model, maybe I decide to give a try the 3DConnexion on my IMac late 2013 after failed attempt due to memory leaks on MacBook Pro early 2011.


This is the model I use at home:

I use a Mac Pro 3.1 2008 model
Twin Quad Core 3.0Ghz 64 gb RAM

Drafters at my last work used scroll balls in left hand.
Was usefull editing things cos you could scan around and make changes easily.
He would use on screen tool kit instead of keyboard shortcuts because it was easier than jumping to keyboard then bumping mouse when you went back to it.
Think it’s single mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Or ‘trackball’ and mouse .

But you’ve probably already tried it by now

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