Mac: Small Icon Large Tool Palette vs Large Icon Large Tool Palette

On Mac, I need new command icon’s (rotated rectangle, 3 point arcs) at small icon’s Large tool set.

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Yep, those are missing. Kind of ironic, since the small icon version takes up less screen space!

I edited the title and added a bug tag, since this strikes me as an oversight when they updated the nib files. It was also the case in 2015.


D’oh! I only just realized what was going on with this as I don’t use the large icon set. I’ve always wondered why it was incomplete on tools. Doing the SketchUp fundamentals course made ask, “How come they have those tools and I don’t?”

How long has it been this way?

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I think I just added the dropdowns for the arcs and rectangle in the main toolbar, believing it was the only way to activate them, besides menu!