Mac High Sierra and SketchUp modfier keys

I recently added High Sierra to use SU 2019 on. I got most of my shortcuts to work, but it seems High Sierra doesn’t allow the use of option as a modifier key in SketchUp. Is that so? (Mojave does.) I turned off all system hot keys that can be checked off. I’ve used option modifier keys for shortcuts all along, in other systems, and I can use option modifier keys in other programs that work on High Sierra.

Whereas some programs seem to override OS settings, SketchUp seems unable. For example in Mojave, command M minimizes the window (and I don’t know if that can be turned off globally.) In other programs command M can be assigned to a shortcut, but not in SketchUp.

I don’t know what’s up with your option key - I have always been able to use it for shortcuts in SketchUp. However, because of entanglements with system and menu items, SketchUp does not allow user shortcuts involving the command key.

Hmm Only happens with High Sierra.

I just tested an installation of SU 2019 on High Sierra, and was able to make a keyboard shortcut using the option key, so I can’t recreate this.

Also none of my F keys assignments will work in PowerCADD, If I assign one all F keys have the same function. Since I don’t need to use PowerCADD on High Sierra I’m not worried about it, It has nothing to do with SketchUp , but it’s a simultaneous problem.

Weird! Actually, I’d like to get the machine with High Sierra bumped up to Mojave, but last I tried, there are problems with the installer. Another To-Do item back-burnered.

You know. I don’t know if I tried another keyboard. It could be some disconnect of the OS with the keyboard I use.