Shortcut setting issues

I have a MacBook Pro and my operation system is Mojave version 10.14.3.
I’m working with Sketchup 2017 make, and I can’t set my own shortcut under shortcut setting. Whenever I type any available shortcuts, after hitting return key,
there is an error message popped up as ’ key cannot be used as shortcut’.
Can anyone help me?

cannot be used as a modifier in SU Shortcuts, but some can be set in System Prefs per application…

what keys are failing?


I have the same problem and it seems to be any key or combination of keys that I select. What’s going on?

The next post answered the question. Don’t hit the “ENTER” key. Just close the box and it will be in effect. It’s a MAC quirk. Ain’t a bug, it’s a feature.