Can't create shortcuts in SU 2015: "Key cannot be used as shortcut"

When I go into SU Preferences/Shortcuts and attempt to create shortcuts, I’ll type in a letter, hit enter, and receive the message: “Key cannot be used as shortcut” just below the box where you enter the shortcut key. This happens with all functions and keys.
Help. Thanks

You don’t say, but from “Preferences/Shortcuts” I presume you are on Mac? In any case, there are some keys that are pre-empted by the OS and the menu system (mainly command- combinations on Mac and ctrl- combinations on Windows) and therefore can’t be used as shortcuts. If you are getting this message (as opposed to one saying the key is already assigned) for ordinary keys, something strange is going wrong!

Thanks for the response, Steve.

Yes, I am on a Mac and yes I am getting a “Key cannot be used as shortcut” message when attempting to add shortcuts. Very strange.
I did a mini work-around by importing my SU 2013 Shortcuts.plist, so at least I have some shortcuts in place. But I’d really like to be able to add/modify shortcuts in the future.

There’s no need to press “Enter” in the shortcut box - what’s probably happening is that SketchUp thinks you’re trying to use the “Enter” key as the shortcut.



Good catch Marc. If you press multiple keys in sequence, SketchUp will try to use the last one you press. If it is enter, that will provoke this error message! Very likely that is what is happening.

Bingo! You are correct!
A big thanks to Marc and Steve for your responses.
Crisis averted!

It did not work for me.
I cant imagine what is wrong.

What exactly didn’t work for you?

I can create the shortcut. It appears for me but when I try to use it, the command requested corresponds to another command

On a MAC some key-combos are system-set and cannot be changed.
What are you trying to do exactly ?
@DaveR is a MAC guy so I expect that he’ll be able to help in more detail…

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What shortcut are you trying to create? Exactly. And to what does it correspond?

The more specifics you provide the easier it will be for us to help you.

On a Mac you cannot use Command key combinations for SketchUp user-defined shortcuts.

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To create a north angle (tools>north angle). I chose shift + N.