M1 iPad and Sketchup

I’m buying the M1 iPad when it comes out. It won’t run Sketchup or Layout, of course, however putting an M1 inside a device but not allowing it to run Mac software seems a waste of power. So I wonder what will happen to it in the future.

Will it be able to run Mac software?

Will more iPad software be developed for it?

What about Sketchup Pro?

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Apple has been working toward apps that run on both iOS and macOS, but there is still a ways to go. I’m not sure if Rosetta 2 works on iPad yet? That would be crucial to let SketchUp Pro run on iOS as it does on the M1 Mac. Of course, you would also need mouse and keyboard, since SketchUp Pro doesn’t understand touch screen input.

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Good thing there’s a big push to get touch control working well for SketchUp, based on what I’ve seen in this forum. Also good news is that you can easily use a mouse and keyboard with an iPad natively.

My guess is that having a powerful tablet will entice developers to write more software for it. Also, with the M1 in the Macs, and software development going strong for ARM in general, the future is definitely bright in this area of mobile devices becoming as powerful and useful as desktops.

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I was under the impression that Apple was just striving to have MacOS running iOS apps, and not the other way around. Have you read that somewhere?

I’m mostly a Windows user and iPad work revolves mostly around sketching and presentation. The prospects are interesting for the future though.

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This has been the case, all the way up to the release of Big Sur, where that is a brand new introduction and a big part of the strategy. Interesting thing though is that the iPad and the Macintosh now share the same identical internals. The only difference now is iPadOS to macOS really. A strong case could be made that in not too long, there may be even more similarities between the two than differences. Let’s see!

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My use of iPad is related to some of it’s exclusive capabilities on such a portable format and apps that are exclusive for it or work better on it than anywhere else.It’s revolving all around Pencil support.

However I was quite impressed by the M1 marketing strategy. Stating that M1 suppors IOS apps on macs and then stating that iPad is featuring it, must mean something and that extra something is enticing indeed.

I’ve read about this, WWDC21

If nothing clear comes from it in this regard, I’ll forget about this subject, but honestly if this would mean that Sketchup modeling would be possible with it in a near future, with the Pencil, that would be a very nice extra.

Mouse and keyboard support are not really what I’m after. We have Windows desktops with fat GPUs for that.

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