Sketchup for Apple Silicon Macs

Anyone know if Trimble has plans to make Sketchup natively support Apple Silicon on new Macs coming out at the end of the year? There can finally be a iPad Pro version of Sketchup too :slight_smile:

While we don’t really talk about future plans, I can guarantee that we will not have a version of SketchUp for Desktop that takes advantage of the new Apple chips when they’re first released. We just learned about this plan at the same time as you, we don’t even know how challenging it’ll be to port the Intel based version to ARM based yet. That being said, we have no plans at this point to drop the Mac so will work towards a version that runs on future versions in some fashion.

That being said, the Web version is browser based and will work on any platform you throw at it. It’s technically possible to run the Web version on a tablet, but pointer support doesn’t really exist so that wouldn’t really be much fun. If someone HAS run SketchUp Web on an Android tablet or iPad, definitely chime in with your experience though. Maybe I’m wrong. (c:

Edit: I guess Apple isn’t saying ARM, they’re saying Apple Silicon and SoC (System on a Chip) so… please replace my “ARM” reference with Apple Silicon, even though it is technically ARM.

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I had a similar discussion in an Adobe forum, where someone also argued that having the Adobe product working on the new Macs could mean an iPad version too. But, an iPad app running on the new processor is the same app with some menu items added to make it seem like a desktop application. That’s a lot easier than taking a desktop application and reworking it for a screen that is touch based and has no menu bar, even if they are using the same processor.

Now, if there was an iPad version of the Adobe application already, it would be easy to make a desktop version of the same app.

In general I’m hopeful of SketchUp performance on the new machines, even if it has to run using Rosetta 2 at first. Apple also make it sound easy to create a Universal 2 application, they talk about it being only a few days to compile that version. We’ll see.

I’m hoping Aaron will buy me and Jody one of the test Mac mini systems. I mean, one each. I’m not sharing with anyone…


Through their presentation, they reckoned it would only take a couple of days to be able to “port” existing software over to run on Apple Silicon - so it’ll be interesting to see if that rings true, and what support they offer to developers during the process. For them to announce Mac’s would be shipping with Apple silicon by the end of 2020, it suggests that they’re fairly confident in how quickly developers can be “up and running”.

I remember when the Nintendo 3DS first came out with very few initial games - it really struggled to sell. If they release the new Mac’s before developers are ready - it won’t be received well!

It will also be interesting to see the performance gains this offers, and whether it leads to more Mac’s without internal fans.

In a separate thread in which I was seeking advice for upgrading my late 2012 Mac to something that could continue to run SU/LO well and be capable for mid range rendering (Podium, say), I was advised to hold off making a decision until after the WWDT revelations.

From what is being said here, it looks as if there is considerable uncertainty about how well SU will run on new Macs (or have I misinterpreted that?). Sounds like it may be a better idea to wait and see if the current offerings get discounted as we get nearer to the new machines being available and to buy one of those. Is that sensible?

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Tim did say that there are going to be multiple new Intel based machines as well, during the transition two year period. WWDC isn’t the only time in the year when they announce new hardware.

I’m trying to find out how to get one of the Mac Minis that have A!@Z in them. Could be useful for SketchUp performance testing.


That is super sensible, like Vulcan logic.

They showed Maya that was not a native app but was opened via Rosetta 2 and Tomb Raider too so I guess the performance of the translated apps are pretty good. Probably takes a bit of time the first time it is opened. I cant imagine how complex Rosetta2 must be… I think this will be the best thing for Apple in the long run to free itself from not only Intel but also AMD. Nobody seems to be talking about that which will now be part of the SOC (if I understand it correctly). It sounds like from rumors that only a 24" iMac will be available by end of the year so I will wait until a 27" ( or 30" pleeaaase Apple??). As for buying a Mac laptop though I would wait for an Apple Silicon one. I have a MacBook Pro and it cooks my fingers. Hopefully with control of video and cpu they can get the temps down?

Thank you, Earthling!

Looking in the single core scores on Geekbench, the A12X in an iPad Pro, is within 1 point of the current i7 Mac Mini.

I think if the developer tools are a Mac Mini, you can guarantee there will be an Apple silicon Mac Mini being released to the public.

Yea they already announced a 24" iMac , 13" MacBook Pro and probably a mini but I don’t remember it saying that one. I wonder if all Macs will run off USBC like the current MacBooks. Might be able to get more inside if the power supply is outside. It would also unify the power supply once iPhone goes USBC.

It will be interesting what they end up doing with the added space - especially if the thermals are a lot better controlled. I would quite like to see more passively cooled devices. There would be no moving parts at all, no dust build up inside fans, they could add some degree of waterproofing fairly easily.

The iPad Pro is being touted as a high performance machine, yet is completely passively cooled - so it’s not unreasonable that this could follow for other devices. Apple has always prioritised a quieter working environment.

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Apple hasn’t yet announced any Apple Silicon based Macs, other than the Mini that comes with the DTK.

The models you reference are speculation from rumor sites, based on reports coming from supply chain analysts:

Ming-Chi Kuo has a pretty good track record, so these may well be the first models introduced, but we won’t know for sure until later in the year.

One interesting thing about the DTK, it isn’t something that you can just buy. Instead you have to submit an application, to be considered to see if they will sell one to you. I will let you know how my application goes!

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Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

Is there any inside track for Apple alums?

I forgot to mention that I worked in Apple Tech Support for over four years. Not sure if that would have helped.

Is it even a sale? I had thought the arrangement was more like a lease - at the end of the term, you must return the device to Apple.

“The DTK, which must be returned to Apple at the end of the program…”

Hadn’t noticed that part. I wonder if you get your $500 back?

Unlikely. Consider it perhaps to be an annual subscription instead of a lease - you can use the goods until the period has expired, then it stops working. :slight_smile:

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At which point there will likely be Macs with Apple silicon in the retail market.