Lumion on imac pro

Hello, there!

I’m already aware that Lumion is windoze only and there is no plan ever for a Mac version.

But I’m curious if any of the Mac users out there have had success installing under Bootcamp. I’m curious if that is a decent work around with an iMac Pro with any of the available Radeon GPU’s.

I’ve been on a Mac since they came out. Can’t see changing now.

Thanks in advance!


I am running bootcamp on a middle 2015 Macbook, for some windows testing and hacked the setup to bypass Apple’s installed drivers for the AMD and get the latest drivers from AMD itself.
It now manages to run Enscape (small models) but of course, you are on your own.
Depending on the age of your Mac, it might run without the hack.
Mentioning the other Windows only renderer, I have no experience with Lumion.
Twinmotion runs on both OS, btw.

Thanks for your info, Mike. I’ll take a look at Twinmotion.

I converted from PC to Mac a few years ago, but I have one must use app that runs on Windows only. I bought a copy of Windows and installed it using Bootcamp. but found it very cumbersome to switch back and forth, and moving documents from Windows to Mac was difficult. The solution I found was to install Parallels for Mac ($60-$100 / year)
It works quite well, and allows you to run OS and Windows simultaneously and move documents back and forth easily. Aside from the annual cost, I recommend it.

My understanding, from Lumion forums (I think), is that while Lumion may run under bootcamp, it definitely won’t under parallels. I have no windoze applications I need so I’ve never had the need to try either.

Thanks for weighing in, Gary

OK. Lumion runs only on PC, so to run it on your Mac you will need a Windows license, or perhaps Linux. Bootcamp and Parallels are two ways to use Windows (or maybe Linux) on a Mac. It can be done, it is just kind of hassle and a bit expensive.