How SketchUp and Lumion Work Together – 7 things you should know

Want to render your SketchUp models in Lumion? There are several fundamental things you need to know to avoid struggling when getting started such as understanding how-to:

  1. Use the Lumion LiveSync Extension
  2. Create Terrain in SketchUp vs. Lumion
  3. Convert SketchUp Scenes into Lumion Cameras
  4. Decide when to use Lumion’s Object Library vs. SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse
  5. Use Tags in SketchUp to replace objects in Lumion
  6. Take Advantage of Lumion Nodes
  7. Work with Materials in SketchUp to more easily enhance or replace them later in Lumion

You can watch the new video on our YouTube channel here:

When you get a chance, watch the video and then be sure to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks!


Great video, thanks. It would be nice if Lumion was available for us Mac users.

I didn’t see any videos on Twinmotion, have you tried it out, to see if it can compete with Lumion, but also be cross platform?

I subscribed to your YouTube channel.

Hey Colin - thanks for the kind words, and for subscribing!

Yes, we have been testing Twinmotion quite a bit and yes, it is a great alternative to Lumion for Mac users. In our testing, here are the big things that stand out:

Twinmotion is available for Mac & PC, and is much less expensive (currently under $400 compared to over $3000 for a Lumion Pro license). It has a few other features that differentiate it - like being able to grow trees by age and show them by season.

Lumion has a bigger object library - especially for vegetation. It also has more built-in effects to help you get nice looking renderings without too much fuss.

Overall, if you are on a Mac and/or you need a less expensive solution, Twinmotion is a great choice.

We will be releasing more videos soon that discuss Twinmotion as well. Stay tuned!

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