Luces atraviesan revestimiento de pared - Spot Light / Lights go through wall cladding - Spot Light

Hi, I have a strange problem and at the moment I can’t find a solution, I had to deliver the render like this to my client.
The indirect lights go through the wall in the render, below I show the image of it.
I don’t understand what is the reason?
There are lights that are closer to the wall than the ones I have created here, before this did not happen to me unless it was because the volume was not solid.
In this case everything is fine, it seems!
I don’t know if it’s due to vray 5.2? I have Sketchup 2020.

Hola tengo un problema, extraño y por los momentos no encuentro solución, tuve que entrega el render asi mi cliente.
Las luces indirectas atraviesa la pared en el render, a continucion muestro la imagen de ello.
No entiendo a que se debe?.
Hay luces que estan mas cerca de la pared que las que yo he creado aqui, antes no me pasaba esto a menos que sea porque el volumen no era solido.
En este caso todo esta bien, parece!.
No se si es debido a vray 5.2?. Tengo Sketchup 2020.

This was the image I delivered.
Ésta fue la imagen que entregue.

Aqui modifique el angulo y disminuyo pero, realmente quiero que me quede como se ve en la primera imagen. (Los angulos y la penumbra).
Here I modified the angle and decreased, but I really want it to stay as seen in the first image. (The angles and the shadows).


Can you post the model? Screenshots don’t help much. Reversed faces are a possibility.