Low quality V-Ray Render

Hi everyone

I’m starting using V-Ray and I’m not getting a good result.

  1. Image looks a little sandy
  2. Mirror is not smooth, it’s possible to see “horizontal stripes”
  3. The line from rectangular light is not straight

I have used other renders before and that weird “zig zag teeth” line from the light would appear only when the render was not done yet, but this one says “complete”. I’ve tried many things and playing with settings and still not getting the result.
Does anybody has an idea on how to make it look better? image below

I’m not yet an expert on all things V-Ray, but I can say that 1280x720 is pretty low resolution. Not bad to do for a quick test, but also not surprising to see aliasing happening (the stair stepping). A final render would be at least 1080~1280 high if not 2,000 high.

Are you rendering with ‘Progressive’ setting on? If so, try switching off. Also be sure to enable ‘Denoiser’ which will remove the noise from the image. And as @RTCool says, bump up the resolution…at least double what your current pixels. The ‘quality’ is ok to keep around ‘Med’ as I haven’t seen much difference when set to ‘high’.

The goal is to balance quality with render time. I’m not sure how long this render took but it’s a pretty simple scene so I can’t imagine very long.

Beyond that, check that your rectangle light is set to not affect reflections and specular as it looks like it’s showing up in the mirror’s reflection.

Also, in the ‘Frame buffer’, add an ‘Exposure’ corrections layer. In that you can play with the ‘Highlight Burn’ setting. Try bringing that down so the blowout near the light fixture will be less intense. See example:

Bright white areas blown out by default:

You can go to ‘View/color clamping/force color clamping’ to see the blown out areas better.

Here it is with ‘Highlight Burn’ reduced.

Try all of these things and re-post so we can see the difference/improvements. Cheers.


Thank you so much, I’m getting much better results here!