Louvre panel dynamic component

I just created this louvre panel with adjustable height, width, depth, stile width, louvre angle,thickness and louvre spacing and put it on 3Dwarehouse hoping others find it useful… (hence all the recent 3DW posts…)

It is not perfect but fairly flexible . please feel free to suggest improvements, I tried to output any values that might be useful to the user… and just added ventilation / opening area based on the input values.
LOUVRE PANEL v3_1.skp (55.3 KB)

Apart from challenging my recollection of basic trigonometry it got me thinking of how do woodworkers arrive at the sizes and spacing of elements that make up the assembly… I am assuming you do not consult structural engineers…

So a couple of questions to the talented woodworkers amongst you all !!!

  1. How to you decide what width of stile is appropriate for various overall panel dimensions ?

  2. How do you determine the suitable thickness of the louvre blade given the span and the angle it is positioned at ?

  3. How do you determine / setout the louvre rebates in the side of the stiles ?

  4. I allowed the louvres to only occupy 70% of the stile /panel depth…is this reasonable ?


As a rule if thumb, the stiles are usually half the width of the top rail, because they are often used in pairs and attached to the mulion of the window.
This way, one creates an overall thickness of the dividing parts.
The bottom rail is also higher than the top one .
When the panel is long enough, the middle rail(s) are the same as the top one.
That kind of breaks the feeling of overall thickness, but at least you know how to install them:)

Thanks Mike… all noted… always a balancing act of complexity… I will add Stile options in the next itineration… thus putting the decision on the users context…more flexible … I was hoping I might get some emperical relationships so that I could embed that in the coding… but that is probably a can of worms…

It is interesting how many things are created with little evidence or explanation of why it is that way!