Lost Code Key

I purchased Sketchup pro in 2022. Thios past week I upgraded my computer to a new one and went to add Sketchup on it and it asked for the 4 digit Code Key. Sadly, I lost it or more likely threw it out thinking it changed each time or something. How can I recover the Code Key? And PLEASE do not tell me to buy a new copy because I am not financially set to buy a whole new version of the program.

It probably asks for the (windows) admin account code for installing?
There are no codes, one just needs to be signed in with the right email.

There never has existed a 4 digit code key for SketchUp. The SketchUp subscription is activated by signing in with the e-mail and password you used to purchase SketchUp. Older “classic” licenses have a serial number and authorization key that was sent to you when you purchased. Both are longer than 4 characters.

I figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks.

What was it? Someone else might come along with the same problem and your thread could provide the solution.

It was a visual mistake on my part. When it asked me for the 12 digit software code, the boxes were tiny and looked like they could only hold one digit. So I thought it only was a 4 digit code. It was a visual error on my part. And being stressed out for the last 10 days over a family death did not help.

Sorry folks. My bad.

Later Days

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