Looking for someone to create models and make renderings


We are looking for someone to create videos to help people use our SketchUp Rendering Extension.

Typically you will choose a feature of the Extension, create or modify one our your own models, or a 3D Warehouse model, to utilize the feature- for example adding a ceiling light to demonstrate lighting - and then create a video by capturing the screen as you set parameters for the light and render it, adding and editing voice overs for the video.

The videos will be placed on YouTube and will typically be 1 to 4 minutes long.

Here is a typical video of this type:

Please reply by Private Message if you are interested.

Our employees are aware of this offering and this posting, so you can reply without worrying that you are sending information to your current employer.


Hi there. Thanks for the opportunity. The video link refers to a tutorial for V-Ray. Are you from V-Ray or another rendering software company?