Looking for help with online user controlled walkthroughs


I work for a company who develops apartment complexes. We want to be able to add some of our skechup models on line for demonstration while they are being built. We have seen a few other companies who have done what we are trying to accomplish.

Please see visit this website to see an example https://www.forrent.com/apartment-community-profile/1005314

What we are wanting to do is have the animation in the website, but that the user can also navigate around. So I’m not sure that exporting an animation is the best way to go, as that doesn’t allow the user control over what they see. Also, as you “walk-thru” the apartment there are tags for a camera that brings you to another room. I’m not sure how this is accomplished.

Are there any plug-ins that need to be downloaded? Any helpful videos? Or is this a complete 3rd party software they are using?

Thanks in advance!

You might need something like this :

Creating preset scenes in the model helps users walk through at their pace.