Looking for AUS users proficient in Plus Design Build

Hi there,

I am looking for designers/builders or similar that are actively working with Plus Design Build to work within/with my business.

This could also be someone or a company that is really good with SketchUp generally that could utilise my subscription/be an added user to assist drawing and design needs.

If anyone has contacts or is this person that would be absolutely amazing to connect.

0498 881 905

Does AUS stand for Australia?

Hi Matt, have you tried looking into sloped.io? We scour the world for people who have professional level sketchup and layout skills, have them sit a practical exam to prove their skills, and pass them only if we think we would trust them with our own drawing sets. Some of them have used plus spec, but we do not test for their skill level on specific plugins. Do you offer any form of training or verification on your end?

Hi Joanne,

Appreciate you reaching out to me.

No to be honest I have not heard of it however sounds like a great thing.

At this point I would certainly prefer people who are proficient in Plus design build specifically as that’s the program I want to be actively using and presenting to my current client base as I do a lot of pre-construction/estimating work, that said plans at this point would be predominately getting made on my behalf only and then expand from there pending the quality/flow of work etc.

What do you propose the next steps be, I have a look at the platform you suggested and put this out to your community?

No training on my end apart from getting to use the program mainly.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you,


Hi there thanks for your reply,

Yes it sure does.

Naturally no need for the person to be Australian by any means however I would prefer someone with a good active knowledge of the Australian construction industry as that’s where all the plans will be based.

I would also like to work with someone in real time (ie Brisbane, Australia type hours, as much as possible)

So all metric measurements, to specific building codes etc.

Does this help your query?