Looking for Advice on Mouse Selection for SketchUp

I currently use a standard mouse, but I’ve heard that there are mice specifically designed for 3D modeling and SketchUp that can make the workflow more efficient. I wanted to reach out to the experienced users here and ask for your advice on choosing the right mouse.
Are there specific mice that you would recommend for SketchUp? What features should I be looking for in a mouse for modeling purposes? Easily pay your bills online at https://mycardstatement.wiki Are there any brands or models that have worked exceptionally well for you?
Additionally, I’m using a Mac, so any recommendations for mice that work seamlessly with Mac would be greatly appreciated.
Your insights and recommendations will be incredibly helpful as I make this decision.

There’s an ongoing tread about the Logitech MX3, you may want to take a read.

As it was mentioned on the other thread, the Mx master 3 is is the best mouse for professional use hands down, I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and I love it, it’s a bit expensive but totally worth it, generally all the Logitech professional mice are good and long lasting, I have the performance MX, it’s now used by my wife but it was my main mouse for almost 10 years and I never had any issue with it, I would keep using it if the drivers were updated, now it doesn’t have the features it used to have like the programable buttons which is a must for me, if you don’t mind having a lot of extra buttons and gestures to use as shortcuts on sketchup you can get the Logitech vertical mouse, it’s very comfortable and precise as well.