Looking for a Sketchup 3D modeler for home

Looking for a freelance experienced 3D modeler in Sketchup to help draft a home remodel. If living in Northern California (Monterey Bay Area) a big plus.

Hi, I can help you. Please check PM

Make sure the person you hire is qualified to do the work. That includes having a SketchUp Pro license.

I may be in a position to help you out based upon my current workflow. I’m a licensed architect in the state of Utah. I use only SketchUp and LayOut for my work, both commercial and residential and utilize SketchUp Pro. I will actually be in Oxnard within the next couple of months for a short visit and could plan to meet if helpful.

I am NOT an architect … but I use SketchUp and LayOut on a regular basis … to produce 3D models of designs and 2D construction documents for both residential and commercial projects. Clients are almost never in Waco, TX … so I use Join.Me to coordinate with my clients.

hello im a 3d designer and im availibale to work :slight_smile: below you ll find my portfolio and my contact