Looking for a Dynamic Component developer to modify a DC for us

Looking to hire a developer to modify a Dynamic Component we have for experimenting with placement of video projectors in challenging environments.

The DC we have currently draws the projector’s frustum beams as lines, and the screen placement is a shaded rectangle. We need, however, for the four sides of the frustum pyramid to be coloured in, with the colours and opacity of these coloured sides changeable in the DC’s option parameter box.

Our grasp of how this thing works is simply not enough to allow us to work out how to do it, but I’m certain that there’s someone out there who could do this in no time at all. That said, I have a budget to spend to hire someone, so please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a copy of the DC so you can give us an estimate of your fee.

Thanks! Looking forward to finding someone who can help us!



"Ancient Chinese secret" (... click to reveal ...)

If you create a model template that has the various color materials already loaded and their opacity set the way you wish then things get a whole lot easier.

Ie, in order for the DC to use the built-in “Material” attribute, the named (in this attribute) material object must already exist in the model’s Materials collection, …
or … hidden swatch(es) painted with all of the optional materials must exist within the DC component definition (so that these materials get added to any model’s Materials collection when the DC is first inserted.)

I believe this is covered in the DC User Guide which says

For a little extra help with materials and textures, check out these articles:

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Hi Dan.

Thanks for the tip. You, however, may as well be speaking in Chinese, because I have no idea what you’re talking about, such is my understanding of the inner workings of the SketchUp DC…

Know anyone who might be interested in earning a few hundred bucks? That would be infinitely more helpful to us right now…


Please send me your current DC and a bit more detailed brief stating the expected deliverable results, please.


Hi Nino. Is there a way I can send you the DC confidentially?

Click his name or avatar in his post and you should see a button for Message, use this to send him a private message.
You may need one or two more posts for this option to become available to you.
Just responding to me may be enough.

Thanks, Box. I’ll try that. You guys/gals ROCK! Thanks so very much…

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Yeah, still can’t message @ninoalva. Can you DM me?

Just did. Hope you can reply.


Ok, everyone. I can send and receive DMs now, so if anyone wants a copy of the DC, so that you can see what we need, please DM me.

Hello all,

@pcmoor has delivered me a wonderful, working solution for a cracking great price. Very happy customer here. Thanks to him and thanks to all who replied and had a go at the problem. A fellow Australian too, no less! Special thanks to @DanRathbun for referring him to me!



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