Long concave roof structure every third trusses won't fill in?

I have a very long slightly concave roof within the same structure
and I can’t figure out why besides in the center every “third” brace will not fill into a plane?

I obtained this curve but find

intersection with the glass windows under it are concave.

I have drawn each one by one I did not copy it because each is a different height.


Can you upload the SKP file? I cannot see a way to tell what is going on without looking at the actual file.

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If you obtain this by intersect a lots of vertical rectangles with that curved element, it’s possible that a few triangle be without faces. Did you try to draw again one of the line of one of this triangle?


Thank you for your kind reply
I have tried many times my skb file is 47MB
I don’t know how to reduce it

Can I upload to Drop box for you?

The .skb file is the backup file which is created upon opening the original .SKP file
Goto [Window]->Model Info->Statistics and purge the model.
How large is it now?

It looks like it is every 4th brace. You did not upload the file, you only uploaded the screenshot. Upload the .skp file rather than the backup .skb file. Use Dropbox or another file sharing service as your file exceeds the 3mb limit. Be sure to provide the correct url address so your file can be accessed.

From the screenshot I can’t see any reason why this model file should be 47MB. Is there a lot of other content that is off-screen or hidden? Perhaps you could copy just the problem structure into a new file and see if that gets down to a better file size.


I have done the purging
it nearly has not reduced the size at all.

Thank you


There is NOTHING else in the model only the bridge.
I save all different parts in separate folders each time

I looked for anything like hidden geometry etc. I see nothing else.
I would see it when I click on it the blue outlines would be bigger than the bridge itself.

Maybe because it’s 163m long
It seems a permanent problem of mine that the files are always rather large.
I really wonder what building file is under 3MB?

Thank you

The highlighted file is the one you should be working with or uploading. The other is the backup file.

Note that the highlighted file is only 483 kb so it can be uploaded directly to this forum.

Thank you

Thank you very much

@mihai.s @TheOnlyAaron @MikeWayzovski

16_BRIDGE_by_VS_only.skp (482.5 KB)

Ok finally got it, thanks for the help sorry for my misunderstanding
The top in colour at this stage I’d to replicate inside on the ceiling also
(just saying to explain whats the reason for being there
It’s a simulation for an LCD screen ceiling moving graphics, lights etc.

Thank you
This bridge is viewable from 60 floors building it is attached to.

I forgot to add the problems I have seem to be repetitive
or symmetric like on the left and right of the roof of the bridge
I can’t seem to even make the matching pattern every time I fill the colour it’s not the triangle.

The issues you are confronted with are directly related to how you work / draw.
I have highlighted how you drew and why you can not create that surface.

You should work with groups/components for the different types of elements (floors, windows, ceilings, railings, etc.) and put each one in one of their layers, to ease your work and track it.

@mihai.s pointed out some drawing issues that explain why faces aren’t forming.

In the spirit of helping you improve your model:

I see some peculiar and possibly excessive nesting of groups and components. Have a look at the Outliner window and watch what happens as you select various elements of the hierarchy. Often there seems to be no change as you descend deeper into a nest, suggesting that a level of nesting wasn’t really necessary. Combined with your use of layers, this leads to confusing results that make it hard to work with the model.

For example, if you turn off visibility of either the BRIDGEhangingSTATION or the MALLincorporated layer, you get the result below because of how layers are associated with nested content. Also, there seem to be some possibly misplaced edges in the stuff that remains visible?

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@Voicefromwithin, you could use a structure of layers for an organized drawing.

I have redrawed some of your elements and structured them as groups, each on the appropriate layer [see attached SKP file - 16_BRIDGE_by_VS_only-v2015.skp (572.9 KB)].
Take also into account the @slbaumgartner’s advice.

@TheOnlyAaron, @slbaumgartner

Thank you very much for all the assistance and time.
Will redo the concaveroof, matching the floor,
although now I can`t recall right now, how I managed that, as it was many weeks ago.

Will work over this over this long weekend or next week depending on the weather and what time is left.
My PC acts up when the heat is over 27C.
Yes I have a tendency to get carried away for the “look” and then forget the layers and groups
or make to many at the wrong time. ADHD is a devil in disguise.

If I may say I have a real problem when I want to zoom in on a detail
I can zoom in a certain amount and
I either go to far and through or I can’t just pinpoint the node
I don’t know if it’s me or the PC or my graphics card (not the newest Nvidia)
I have an old 27" SAMSUNG screen I got 8 years ago
and work in windows7 Ultimate Pro on a resolution 1920x1080
I am on a budget so I can’t get newer better
Thanks so much for your assistance I appreciate it very much

The problem with the zoom is discussed very much in the forum. The ‘clipping plane’ issue is discussed at length here: zoom & clipping (by TIG).

Even if it does not remove it, the way you work can help you to avoid it somewhat or at least to ease your drawing.
If you look more closely at the file I redraw you, you will notice that where there are several lines of the different elements intersecting, if you close the layers and keep only one or two for orientation, you can easily draw more away, without having to zoom in to draw a line.