Logitech M570 trackball

I am using Sketchup Pro subscription. I cannot activate the orbit tool by depressing, and holding, the scroll wheel as many other users seem to be able to do. I have already downloaded the latest software for the trackball. I would appreciate any help that might be available. TIA. Cliff

What do you mean by “depressing”? If you want to orbit you must click and hold the scrolling wheel button while you, in your case, move the trackball, if you want to pan you must do the same but pressing Shift at the same time.

By the way, are you comfortable using the trackball for sketchup or any other app? I tried a couple times, in my university they had some of this mice in the computer lab and I hated it, we used to bet with my friends and the one who lose was forced to use that mouse for the last week of the semester, fortunately I never lost otherwise I would’ve failed to present the final project on time.

I used to use the M570 , and I loved it. I now use the MX Egro, which is very similar. I am (with either track ball) able to zoom in and out and orbit at the same time by depressing the scroll wheel, rolling it with my middle finger and moving the track ball with my thumb. I’ve programed the buttons for different actions but never the scroll wheel. Perhaps resetting the scroll wheel to actions factory settings, will solve your problem.

same…loved the M570. Moved to track ball to destroy carpal tunnel. Was gone in a week with the M570. But then I found the Elcom Huge. Not thumb based trackball but Index finger. Ball is “huge”. Has 10 inputs. Works a treat on Mac with Steermouse.

@cliff_1954 you might consider looking for a third party mouse controller. Sometimes they work better than the native apps shipped with any mouse.

In the mouse/trackball control panel check that the scroll wheel button is set to send the “middle button” action. Some drivers have a different default setting.

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