Login issue...menu changed?

How come I can’t log in? Correct email, password…I used to open Stetchup in google and access my drawings…dozens…now what has changed?

Are you using SketchUp Free (Web)? Your profile is confusing.

What do you mean you used to “open Stetchup in google”? Do you mean you opened SketchUp in Chrome? You can still do that. What do you see if you go to https://connect.trimble.com/ and sign in there? Do your models show up?

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Yes using Sketchup Free. Oh yeah, Chrome…

I get connect.trimble.com and an ad to sell me Sketchup. no sign in option

Thanks for reply,tho’

Please update your profile. There is no SketchUp Free 2019.

Not even in the top right corner of the page?

Sorry, I ran through it again, found the signin button and connected via Gmail…worked. got the blurb on the updates.

Thanks for getting back to me…will use your suggested link to get in.

All good. c

So, new format etc. Looks like ■■■■…will struggle but may dump Sketchup entirely

New format since when?

What are you comparing it to?

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