Locked out of account due to problem with Google Authenticator

Hi All… I recently migrated Google Authenticator keys from an old phone to a new one… which worked fine, until the app mysteriously reset clean of all accounts previously set-up… and the old phone had already been wiled… Other platforms I use authenticator with have quickly helped by disabling the 2 step verification to allow me to set-up again… Trimble haven’t responded in 3 days and I can’t find any other work around… any ideas anyone…? Greatly appreciate any input! :slight_smile:

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What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system? Please correct your profile.

Sketchup pro - macOS

Which version of SketchUp Pro? Which version of Mac OS?

2022 I believe… OS is 12.4

Did you report at support from SketchUp.com directly or via a reseller?
Here’s the direct one, no need to be signed in:
Contact Customer Support | SketchUp Help

Might be that the Authenticator on the old phone still works?

Thanks Mike, yeh I emailed customer support directly, several times, but no response… The old phone was wiped once I’d migrated the authenticator data and checked it was working… how it lost the data is a mystery… Sat for 20 mins in helpline queue w/ no response - which calling from SE Asia ain’t cheap… will have to try that again, as buying a new subscription then trying for reimbursement appears to be only option

Direct emails to support, or replies to an email from an older case, may get automatically discarded. It would be worth using the form Mike gave to send in a new message. Nobody in support is working today, but some of the European based support team will be looking at new messages in about 14 hours from now.

Thanks Colin, I’ve filled out the form and tried to send but it does not appear to process. Have tried several times… Should I expect a notification that the form has been sent once I click Submit? Nothing appears to happen

Finally got a response form Cloud support team who disabled the 2FA… and I can now sign in, however when I launch the app I’m told to ‘continue sign in process in browser’… in which I’m already signed in… there’s no apparent way I can find
to launch the app… any ideas appreciated