Lock a Sketchup model for viewing and referencing purposes only

As soon as you give any client access to your sketchup file for viewing purposes, via Trimble Connect or any other means, they will always be able to download and edit that file.

I would like to be able to send models to my clients in a way that they cannot edit them.

The only way I see this happen as it should would be to have a specific file format variant for a sketchup model that could only be used for viewing/reference purposes and would be locked from edition in Sketchup.

They could open them in Trimble Connect, Sketchup, Sketchup for iPad, Sketchup Web, or any compatible software for viewing purposes, but they wouldn’t be able to edit them.

You could open it or insert it as a component in a model but you couldn’t edit the model or the component inside another model.

You shouldn’t also be able to convert it into a different format.

I would get a 3D PDF export plugin. The models can be viewed in Adobe Reader.

But then they can’t be integrated in Trimble Connect or viewed inside Sketchup. We also couldn’t refernce them as Sketchup Components.

The idea here would be not only to view the model but also to use it for reference or viewing purposes inside Sketchup apps, locking out the ability to edit them.



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You know what? I knew about that and didn’t remember!

Ok. So half the problem is (or is going to be) solved.

That still doesn’t allow a reference to be inserted into a sketchup model, but it would be great if that link allowed us to do that. Insert a link as reference.

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