New Labs feature: Link-sharing in SketchUp for Web

Update, Sep 15: This feature is now available in both SketchUp for iPad (version 6.1+) and SketchUp for Web.

Today, we’re excited to preview a new feature in SketchUp for Web — link sharing!

Link sharing is simple: generate a link to your model and share it with clients and collaborators.

We’re testing the feature right now in our new SketchUp for Web testing environment,, before bringing it to all platforms. If you’re on an iPad, publish the model you want to share to Trimble Connect, then visit in a browser using the same account.

Anyone who receives that link will be able to open a ‘view-only’ version of your model (no sign in required!). In this simplified web view, your collaborators will be able to navigate around your model, turn on shadows, and view any scenes you’ve set up.

Best of all, any updates you make will be automatically available to the viewer once you save your model. Collaborators will even be alerted to new changes if they already have the model open.

We hope sharing your beautiful 3D designs will be a lot easier now. Give link sharing a spin and please let us know what you think.

Please note: Link sharing is in Labs, so links you generate can break as we make changes to this feature. We will update the forum if this is the case.

Happy sketching and sharing!


This is awesome!

My only sadness right now is that when the generated link is opened in chrome in iPad, I cannot make any of the viewer positioning tools work. I can pinch/zoom, and select the tools from the bar, but they don’t do anything. Tried with finger input and pencil input.

I can tap through scenes and the typical views with the pencil.

I am assuming it’s meant to be viewed in a pc or Mac browser?

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes - the first iteration is meant to be viewed via browser, however, we are working on rounding out support on the iPad. Watch this space for more announcements!

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