Location based shadows on Sketchup Web (Free)

Quick question…

I cannot get the shadows to change based on location. I have changed my location from South Africa, to the Equator, to the North Pole and the shadows don’t change.

Could ya’ll help?


It worked for me in SketchUp Go however I had to exit out of the model without saving to change the location by a substantial amount.

12:00 PM, 21 June for both images.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Cairo, Egypt

Not sure if you’ll need to update to SketchUp Go or Pro or if it’s just a missed step in your case. What are you modeling and how/why do you need to change the shadows with location?

DaveR, Thanks so much for responding, currently I am using the free Web version (considering upgrading to Go). I’d like to design a home to see exactly where the shadows will fall so no sunlight comes in to the windows during the summer months, thanks again!

Did you start with adding the location before you began modeling the house?

Depending on what your ultimate goal is with the model you may be better off to go ahead and get SketchUp Go or it may be that you’ll really need the features of Pro (which also includes Go).

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Alright I did the 30 day trial, and went to the web version, created the same 3’ tall object in two different files, one in equador and one in candada at the same time and date, and they still have the same shadows.

Something’s missing in your setup. If you didn’t save the files, create them again and download them to your computer. Then upload them here so we can look at what you’ve set up.

Sorry my fault, I didn’t zoom into the region and click “select region”, sorry I am new. Thanks for the help.

Ah… That makes a difference.

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