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The past two weeks or so I’ve been opening drawings, which has been taking 30 minutes for a file @ 193,000kb, and plus 30 minutes for a drawing @ 95,000kb. The models are organized in layers and groups. There is terrain in both, however one (@193,000kb) was made using the quad mesh tool, and the other using from contours. The models never used to take this long to open, maybe a few minutes at most. Even saving the 193,000kb model with every layer turned off except one, has still left the loading time for the model at 30+ minutes.

Anyone else have this problem and how can this be fixed? I can’t wait around 30+ minutes for a model to open.

This was written for situations like your https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/faster. And there’s this as an appetizer:

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what extensions do you have installed?


Not very many…
These are the extensions:
Chris Fullmer Tools
Vali Architects
Simplify Contours
Architect Tools
Dynascape Tools

Like I said, I have layers for all my groups and components, I have scenes set up (including an OFF scene), I’ve turned the display into solid colored faces. My models are pretty well organized. And the loading time of the file has never taken more than 5 minutes.

Describe your system setup (OS, RAM, clock speed, number and capacity of drives, etc.) Do you have a solid state drive or external hd as part of your setup? Also, is your primary hard drive at or near 100% filled with data? It may be helpful to upload one or more of the files in question too. You will need to use a cloud based storage entity, such as iDrive, Box, or Dropbox, for uploading though since the files are too large to send with your post here, so include the appropriate url and permission to access if you choose that method.

Did you modify the configuration of any plugins around the time this issue was first observed?

Obviously, something untoward is happening with your machine to result in such excessive load time . Perhaps after some additional detective work, a resolution may be discovered.

OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
Ram: 16.0 GB
Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro K2000 9955MB

I have not modified the configuration of any plugins, I’ve hardly been able to be in SketchUp the past two weeks, just the past two days mostly.

I will have to see about uploading a file tomorrow morning. It seems that the first model of the day to be opened is the slowest, the 30+ minutes. Additional models opened after that don’t seem to be quite as slow.

You can upload the files without opening them. I suggested forwarding the model file itself because this may provide some insight into the issue.

You should still rule plugins by temporarily renaming the plugins folder before opening SU so none load.

Computer-wise, check on how many processes are running in the background. Open Task Manager. Ideally it should be less than 50.

Everything seems to be opening okay right now. I’m really not sure what the problem was. I had restarted the computer and then opened the drawing, with no other programs open, which is when it took 30 minutes. Today it is opening normally, it seems that the first drawing to be opening is the one that takes the longest.
But here is one of the files.

Ryan, that model loaded reasonably fast, but is almost impossible to manipulate…

it has a massive vray definition attached to it, as well as Shaderlight, fence, roof dictionaries as well as a load of unused components and materials…

after deleting vray bits and purging the model it now runs the animation ok [ish…], but there are a few out of place items [e.g. pool bar]

BTW, that dropped the file size aprox 30mb…

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Where is the vray definition and assorted dictionaries kept - are they attached to components? I need to update the Purge, Purge, Purge page.

What is a vray definition? That renderer seems to add a lot of stuff.

Some renderers work with proxies. Your main model will have a low poly placeholder while the renderer will substitute the actual detailed component.

In the model, so not easy to remove without a plugin like SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation


Thanks @john_drivenupthewall. So renderers aren’t the only plugins adding hidden bloat. In this case Vali’s architecture plugins caused some performance problems. I wonder if developers can add a purge feature to their extensions.

In the comment section for 3D Tree Maker, the developer did a good job describing how to use his built-in proxy feature and test out stuff in other files to avoid bogging down the main file. Seems like the same approach can be done with the other components in the file.

For example, one can start modeling a structure in the main file. Then before it gets too detailed, make it a component > r-click and save it to another location (also can do a save as through the component browser too.) Do the experiments/trials/designing/tweaking in a separate file. In the main file r-click on the component and Reload from the other file. The axis in the component acts as a registration point, so the outside component will come back to the main file in the same place as long as the axis location wasn’t moved.

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Slower opening and closing is typical of large models;
Rendering in monochrome while " working " can help speed up navigation and you can also structure your scenes to limit the amount of rendering required to get from location in model vs another that can also speed it up.