Loading in my own location using high res, georeferenced .tif

I am aware that a user can download imagery from Google Earth/Digital Globe in SketchUp under File > Geo-location > Add Location. Once you do that and build a model, you can export it as a .kmz and it will open in the correct location in Google Earth.

I am hoping there is a way to upload my own high res, georeferenced image into SketchUp to base my models on. The whole point being that I can use my own high res imagery to build models with a more precise geographic location and export them as georeferenced models.

Is there an extension or add-on that SketchUp has that can do this? Is this a Pro feature?

Actually not from Google Earth.

You could look at manually geo-locating the model in Model Info and then insert and position your image.

Alternatively you might start with Add Location and use the image you get from that as a guide for placing your own image. If you don’t want the Digital Globe imagery you can delete the texture after you are done. You could also delete the terrain geometry if you don’t need it.

Ideally, this would a more automatic process. If I could load in my own high res image with it’s geolocation, I could save a lot of time by not having to edit the location of the model(s). Thank you for your reply!

Well, maybe that’s a possible feature request. At this point I gave you a couple of options that would work right now.

If you insert the image and place it such that a know lat/lon point is at the origin, you can enter the lat/lon and be done.

That’s what I was afraid of.

That’s a good point and will work for now.