Lo offset tool causing crashes

Was this ever resolved?
I saw a closed post on this from last year.
It has been persisting for a while and is causing some grief.

I’ve never seen a crash with the Offset tool in LayOut. Can you share a sample LO file in which it crashes for you?

Certainly there’s been no change in LayOut 2021, though.

Sure Dave.

See attached

excerpt.layout (7.0 KB)

This file is Layout 2022 but your profile says 2021.

I opened this in 2022 and there’s no crashing for me.

There was a Offset tool crash in LayOut 2022. Your file does show the problem (with the Offset tool, click the shape, offset inwards, then outwards, should crash by then).

We didn’t release an update since that fix was made. I can’t tell you when the next update will be ready, but I will come back to let you know as soon as I can.

I have changed my profile to 2022. Thanks.

It’s not the project, but the object/Offset tool.

Thanks Colin. Any info would be great.