Live Q&A Session Today!

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream today to answer your questions! Please join me and bring your Q’s so we can find some A’s!

Today (March 23rd) at 1:00 pm (MT or UTC-6)

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You need a countdown instead of the absolute time :wink:


It would be great if our forum supported that!


From William Carswell “How do you make smooth edges like on fusion 360?”

Like this?

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Fredo’s Curviloft will do this easily

For Mike Delmont, who asked if there is an extension to do Spot Elevations in SketchUp. There isn’t a plugin, but there is some more information about pursuing this functionality here.

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regarding the Q I asked live:CTRL+Z vs ALT+Backspace. The latter does nothing, but as you can see that’s what it says. ss

Please add your question here.

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