SketchUp Q&A Live, April 27th

Hi all! I am going to be jumping on the live stream to answer your questions! Please join me and bring your Q’s so we can find some A’s!


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Hi Aaron, will Sketchup webapp have extension or specific extension (in js) available one day ?


how would you make bending profile’s (wood) it take’s me forever to clean it up
raam TIVOLI.skp (2.4 MB)

Re: Fallingwater design, these might help.

One more

More …


Tried to join the livestream chat but Google blocked me from signing in to my account, even after sending me an email verification… @#$^&*!!

At any rate, two things that are relevant to earlier questions:

  1. TIG has a plugin called ‘Import ALL from Folder’ that does exactly what the name says and lines them up along the x-axis:

  1. Quantifier Pro lets you calculate weight by density (amongst other methods):

@Sketchup Hi guys one of the questions was about a Windows and Doors plugin. PlusSpec does Windows and doors efficiently and quickly, they can be resized, changed & altered infinite times and cut through multi-skin walls. I did a quick tutorial just now to show you how. I hope it helps :hugs:

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