Live Modeling the Space Needle with Aaron!

What comes to mind when you think of Seattle?

Starbucks? :no_entry_sign: Ferry boats? :no_entry_sign: Pike Place Market? :no_entry_sign:

The Space Needle! :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

@TheOnlyAaron is taking on this iconic tripodal monument on SketchUp Live this week.

Tune in to see how he sketches up the unique structure in under two hours!


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grey’s anatomy. Pretty sure it’s in Seattle.
Aaron could model grey’s anatomy (I’m note sure if Grey is a person or a place or… but whatever, he’s good, he can manage)

I wonder what else people assimilate to Seattle ? :smiley:

The Ducks!

Rain, volcanos, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis?

Sleepless in Seattle! That makes me want want to model a houseboat now. FYI Tom Hanks’ character in that film was an architect - Bet he would have used SU if the film hadn’t been way back in 1993 :wink:

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oh god didn’t even think of this ! Yeah, he would probably use the blue blueprint style, because he is an american movie architect :slight_smile:

The Seahawks, though Russ isn’t anymore there, and the legion of boom disappeared a while ago, they’re what comes to my mind when I hear Seattle, also the interception on the line on their Super Bowl loss against New England, I’m still mad at Pete Carroll, he had Marshawn Lynch!… Sorry a big Football Fan here.

Maybe you could make a modeling session to make something like a football helmet and a football :football:. I guess there are some football fans using sketchup, specially on the U.S.

Hey, yeah! Where is Wilson end up? Anyhow, live streaming from Colorado on Friday :wink:

You should know, he is in Denver, playing for the Broncos, he had an awful first season, but I’m sure that with Sean Peyton he’ll get better as he used to be.

Yeah… I was just playing around. This was… a rough season.

Gonna start this in 30 minutes!

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Me and the Mrs up the Noodle about 7 years ago


Is that more helpful?

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Great Session Aaron & Jody really enjoyed that one.

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