Live Modeling My New Scale Figure

Looks like the file. One moment.

Here’s what I’m seeing.

Straight after opening.

And adjusting the light and dark Shadow sliders to the right a bit.

You could also edit the materials and increase the saturation if that’s the sort of thing you are after…

Adam This is how it looks on mine

Are you sure you uploaded the same file? I didn’t get nearly as many colors as you show and there’s certainly no purple on your shirt.

Adam.skp (90.4 KB)
Sorry about that. I’m new to this. This is a resaved version.

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Very weird. Something appears to be corrupted with your file. I copied your model into a new file and it seems to behave. Take a look this and see if it looks better to you.
Adam2017.skp (100.3 KB)

A little more playing around. It looks like your model is geo-located in the southern hemisphere. Way south in the southern hemisphere. North is in the direction of the solid green axis and in Model Info it indicates that the model is not geo-located so by default the location is Boulder, CO.

Notice the orientation of the shadow along with the time and date.

After manually geo-locating the model to my location, Shadows are correct and the faces are properly illuminated…

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Thanks so much for all your help. I’ll take another look at the geolocation. It should probably be in the UK. I’ll try again tomorrow. It’s 4.30 am here and I should probably get some sleep.

The scale image is of my son and his skin is not quite as dark as I had it. Your version is a lot lighter so I’ll aim for that but as you said it looks like the shadows are a problem.

Thanks again.

Sleep would be good. Did you download the copy I uploaded? Hopefully it plays nicely.

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Yes I did. Thank you.

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