Live component - Output material "auto" is not "default"

I note a minor problem in the output material.
If we do not apply any material in the graph, nor any color, the faces of the live component have received a default “auto” color.
This “auto” material is not recognized in SketchUp as the “default” material.
To apply a material globally, we must modify all the nested faces in the various levels of the live component, and to modify their “auto” material in “default”.

It would be nice to fix that!
What do you think?

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I like it a lot. The current Material output of Live Components could be improved to be more usable in SketchUp.

We’ve some improvements on the roadmap that will help with this. It might even make the suggestion to accept a default material possible, where the default Graph material is mapped to the default SketchUp material.

@keith_thurlow I was also wondering about that. Would that then mean that one could apply a material to a LC after inserting into SketchUp? I thought the fact that the geometry is being streamed would make that impossible.

The material change ‘might’ be storable in a way that would allow each individual material to be changed outside the stream (or in a way that the stream is aware of it).

Hello Keith

First observation in the state,
When we import a live component into a SketchUp model, whatever material or color treatment is given to the component, the material is named “auto”. Sketchup adds a layer with the uniqueness management “auto1”…“auto2”…

It’s confusing that empty processing of the material causes an auto value to be generated that is not SketchUp’s default.
It becomes unmanageable for the user who finds himself with “auto1”, “auto2” materials… Without knowing what they correspond to!

I suggest you add an output name field to the “Material” node, so it could take advantage of the name of the dynamically imported texture, or a generic name created by the graph designer.
Ditto for the “Set color” node.

What do you think ?

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I like it, the proposal is pretty close to a solution that has been discussed. I’ll up the priorty to look at this further. I’d note it would take a while to improve this, there will need to be changes across the board to faciliate better Material management.

A first pass will simply be to try to prevent the Material proliferation that can currently occur^

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