Lips on section cuts using Skalp

Hi. I’m new to using Skalp. When I make a section cut I always get a lip that is about a 1/16" attached to the section cut. Is there a way to make the cut flush with the model with no lip? Is this anything to do with the parameters of section cut width or depth clipping? Or is this just the nature of the beast?
I am using solid white color with no hatching.
Thanks - John

You can set the offset distance here:

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Thanks Mike. This takes away the lip. But also the fill, it’s back to being hollow… Is there something else that I am missing in my setup? Section cut width? depth of clipping?

I tries to make the offset 1/64" but it seems that 1/16" is the minimum.

Maybe an interferring extension? @Guy

If the cut faces are drawn on the cut plane they will be cut off and hidden. There has to be a small offset distance for the cut faces to work.

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So I figured it out. In the section offset distance, I tried progressive fractions of an inch and at 1/512" , the lip was pretty much removed, although not completely.

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