Linking various SketchUp models to a main file to reducing the file size!


Dear Sketchup Community,

I have a question to ask. Before asking my question, I would like to say that I am an Architect and studying my master at HCU, Hamburg, Germany.
My question is how to link several sub sketch-up models to a main model by reducing the size of the the main model?
To make it clear, if we have 5 design of different houses each 2mb in size and want to put (or link them for render purpose) them in the site plan as main project by reducing the size to almost less than 5 mb. is there a linking plugin for that?
Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to hearing from you.
If anyone knows any sketch-up plugins which could solve this problem will be appreciate and feel free to contact me under,

Best regards,
Najeeb Rasuli

Please see the reference file as attachment: Linked Model.pdf (306.4 KB)


Which renderer will you be using? Some renderers support sketchup proxies…


Thanks Julian, I am using Vray for rendering and Vray proxy works fine


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