Link objects to color palette

Hello, I am trying to map my objects(doors, handles) to a flat object(like a square). So I can change the color of the flat obj which in-turn will change the color of the object.

Uploaded an image for ref.

Does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

Use case:
I am having a kitchen group which has objects like a cabinet, counter-top, inner shelves, wall shelves. Now I am trying to have a menu for all these objects so when I apply a color to that flat object the object color should change.


there’s a thomthom plugin/extension called “material replacer”. So with your colors in a key panel you could make the alterations to the colors there and those same colors would be updated across the whole model.

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You can edit the colours in the In model section of the Material browser and they will change globally.
But it sounds like you want to create colour changeable Dynamic Components. This way you can have a drop down list of colour options for the user to choose from.
But you need Pro to make Dynamic components.

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Thank you this served the purpose.

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