Change colour or texture of objects from 3dwarehouse

It’s my first post in this forum. I started study architecture 6 month ago and I just starting to learn how to use SketchUp. Now I have project about interior design and first problem. I downloaded object (armchair) from 3dwarehouse. I can change it’s sizes, but i really don’t know how can I change it’s colour or texture. I have object in gray colour and I need it in yellow :wink:
Maybe you know some easy way how to do this?
Thank you for help!

link to colour settings in SketchUp -


The chair will no doubt be a group or component and may be double wrapped, one component/group nested inside another.
The raw geometry may have been painted, if so you need to enter the context of the group/component and get to the faces themselves to paint them.
The nested group/component may have been painted, if so you need to get to that context and paint it.

Thank you GSTUDIOS and Solo, but I’ve tried using this tool to change material or colour, but it works only for objects made by me, not for this downloaded. I think that in this situation solving is more complicated.

Dear Box
I think it’s sounds sensible, but I still don’t know how do this step by step.
I was looking this option in the same place that found option to change size of object: ‘Component attributes’ and I found something like ‘Behaviors’ → Material, but I think it’s not a right direction becouse it’s not working

Post a link to the actual chair on the warehouse.

This one: IKEA Strandmon | 3D Warehouse

As I said, it is a nested group, you need to get to the geometry within the groups. Double click will open a group, or right click, Edit Group. Once at the raw geometry choose a material and apply it.

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It’s working!! Thank you very very much! :heart_eyes:

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