Lines end in rectangular blocks - can these be removed




I am new to sketchup. I have created a shape as a template for a follow me action. This shape includes lines and exploded arcs. Where various arcs meet and where lines and arcs meet there are block line ends in a rectangular form. Is there some setting to remove these line ends so that the shape can be smoothed out?

Additionally the lead lines in the tape measure tool seem to have changed from a dotted line to a solid line with arrows. This is not vital but I would like to know how this changes and where I could reset this.

Many Thanks for any advise.



The Tape Measure creates Guide Points and dashed Guides but never solid lines with arrows.
It seems you’re inadvertently using the Text tool or Dimension tool in lieu of Tape Measure.


Thank you Geo the style settings worked great. The issue with tape measure is not the guide line created but the lead line. When I first started using the tool I am certain the the lead lines were dots. This has changed to a solid line with open arrow heads. It does not change the way the guide lines are working. I just wanted to know what I have done, if anything, to accidentally change the lead lines.

Thanks again to pointing out the styles. This is very useful.


Yes. it does do that. there is no setting to change it.

I don’t know when it might have changed. I rarely pay any attention to them.


The tool looks different depending on whether you are taping the distance between two points (endpoints, for example) in which case the tool makes a dotted line and two guide points; or taping off an edge or midpoint, in which case (as DaveR showed above) you get a guideline parallel to the edge, and a solid line with arrowheads showing the distance from the edge to the guideline.

The solid line is coloured if parallel to an axis (the red, or X axis in Dave’s example), or black if off-axis.

It has behaved the same way at least since SU8.


Hi DaveR,

Ok it is very useful to have that confirmed. I must have imagined the dotted lead line or seen it in a different context.

Thank you.