Line Width in LayOut

Hi everybody.
My problem is changing line width through Tags. In my drawing all initial lines are 0,5 pt. One entity tag has a continuous linetype assigned in SketchUp instead of Default. When I set Edge Width in LayOut’s Tags panel for this partcular tab to 1, in the viewport nothing changes, all lines have similar width of 0,5 pt. Change takes place only when I set Edge Width to 2. I presume that Line Scale and Edge Width are not the same? How can I set line width in points in the Tags panel?
(I made screenshots of the panels, but I don’t know how to insert them into this letter.)

The Line Scale settings are just that. The Line Scale for the Tag is a multiplier for the Line Scale in the SketchUp Model panel. If you want the tag to show lines at 1 point, set the Line Scale to 2 while the Line scale for the viewport is set to 0.5.

Here’s an example. The tag for the part shown with the thicker edges has the Line Scale set to 2 while the viewport’s Line Scaleis set to 0.5.

Are you using a newer version of SketchUp than is listed in your profile? If so, please update your profile.

I don’t quite get what you are trying to do. The line width settings in LayOut affect the whole viewport. The Line Scale setting in Lay Out applies to edges in SketchUp that have their width set to 1. Other line weights you have set in SketchUp are multiples of this base value. For instance, if your edges are set to 1 and profiles to 2 in SketchUp and you set the viewport line scale to 0,5 pt in LayOut, the “1” lines will be 0,5 pt and “2” lines 1 pt.

Many thanks, DaveR. I wondered myself, whether the Line Scale is really Scale. I just wanted to be sure. Could’t find real explanation neither in the Help files nor inany book. Thanks once more.
I have the latest version of SU.

You’re welcome.

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Thank you Anssi. I got the explanation from DaveR and all is clear now. I just didn’t figure out, that Edge Width in the Tags panel in LayOut is a Scale factor, not the physical width.