Line width and AA in PNG export




In SketchUp, when I export a PNG, antialiasing is very poor. I know I could increase resolution and then scale down the image but then I lose thickness of lines that are not profiles (they go thiner than 1 pixel, which sucks). It’s nice to have setting of profile width but we cannot change it with usual lines. All this makes it impossible to get a PNG image with nice edge smoothing and proper edge width retained.
SketchUp does a good job with antialiasing in viewport, up to 64x. But who needs such a slow-downer while working on a model… It should eb applied to image exporting.
There are some workarounds, like exporting to AutoCAD or buying SketchyFX which renders contours but if I wanted to do it within SketchUp, is there maybe some plugin supporting raster image export?


Antialiasing quality may depend on the capabilities of the graphics driver.

It is a pitty that line width in the export is not configurable in export options (e.g. to compensate increased resolution). What I sometimes do is to increase line width in an external image editor:

  • I export an image with an edge-only style (or change contrast or color curves to leave only black)
  • Then I either:
    • insert multiple layers of the edge rendering and shift them by 1-2 pixels vertically and horizontally
    • or use a feature like “dilate” to widen dark regions.


I see, so it takes a bit of PS work.