Line weights in millimeters?

How to set line widths and arrow scales in millimeters?
In preferences units are set to metrics, but Shape Styles still shows everything in “pts”.
I know I can type in “0.5mm” and it is automatically converted to pts, but I like to read 0.5mm, not 1,42pts.
Also, how can I make the dropdownlist show ISO pen standards .18, .25, .35mm etc?

It makes no difference what units you have selected in Preferences, at this time line weights are only shown in points.

Thank you for your quick response. I was afraid of that.
For this price Sketchup/Layout sure has a lot of major bugs and shortcomings

I don’t see this as a bug.

Put in a feature request for metric line weights. If they get enough people asking for a feature, they’ll know it’s important.

I use these rough values:

.7pt = .25mm
1.4pt = .5mm
2.1pt = .75mm

I’m not sure how precise this is but it has worked so far to show a noticeable difference in printed line weights.

A point is 1/72 inch = 25.4/72 = 0.352778mm.

So your rough values are pretty close, though 0.71 pt would be a shade closer.

If you type your desired lineweight together with the unit (eg. “1 mm”) into the lineweight box, LayOut will convert the value into points (2.83 in this case) automatically.


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