Line highlight colour

I’m slightly colour blind, so it would really help me if I was able to change the highlight colour of selected lines.
On my Mac, if I use the Select tool and click on a line, it turns blue. The difference between a blue selected line and a black unselected line is not clear to me (given my eyesight). It would be great if I could change the colour of the selected line to red. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

You can edit the various colours is the style dialog.
Go to Style then the edit tab and the last icon to the right.


There are some options to change the axis and inference colours too in Window/Preferences/Accessibility.

Yes, that’s where I looked to change the ‘highlight selected’ colour …!

The highlight selected Color has been around seems like forever. The original color was Yellow. Set this up in your default template so it’s always the way you want it.