"Light Grey Text" in Sketchup Layout 2024


Maybe somebody here have experience, while working I noticed a random text in SketchUp layout automatically turns Light Grey…Please refer on the attachment.

Are those text object on a layer under something else? It would be helpful if you could share the LO file so we can see the setup.

Hi Dave, the text was inside a group and on the Tag called " Annotations" but the one on the other hand text also in light grey inside the grid bubble was also grouped and was on the tag called “Grid”…the weird thing is that light grey text appear random and that was using the Sketchup Layout 2024, previous version does not have any situations like these…and switching pages on layout makes it back to black.

It would help to be able to see the LayOut file.

Please update your forum profile. It says you are still using 2020.

Thanks Dave for the reminders.