Light beams that can change color and be gradient/dissipate

How does one make a light beam that can be a component capable of changing color? I have been unable to find a gradient intensity setting. I believe I’ll need a plug-in for this? Any free ones that will work? What is the best one to achieve this effect? I want the light beam to start at the source and taper off as it moves away in a conical shape.

Sketchup doesn’t have light beams, you would need to look at a rendering application to do that.

Someone out there has figured it out, as I have seen beams. I’m just trying to find out the plug in they used.

Show us an image and we may be able to tell you how it was done.

They may of been cones with a gradient png applied to them?

When I go into the component and change the color, the gradient goes away and it becomes solid, which I don’t want.

You need to edit the gradient material in an external image editor.


A gradient to yellow as a material in SU. Right click on the material swatch and choose Edit Texture Image. Your default image editor should open. (If it’s not the image editor you want to use, set the right one in Preferences.)

After editing in the image editor and saving the changes:
Screenshot - 5_6_2020 , 8_52_05 AM


Thanks for the information. Do you have an image editor that you suggest is best to use for Sketch Up?

I don’t think there is any image editor that is best for SketchUp. The image editor is going to be a stand alone program and neither really cares about the other. I use a freeware app on my PC called PaintDOTNet but that one hasn’t been ported for Mac. There are loads of others.