Glass - Gradient

Can someone help me. I want to create a gradient affect on a glass panel… Is it possible?

You can create an image with a gradient in your favorite image editor and use it a material in SketchUp. Although not transparent, this chair was painted with such a material I made.

Got it. Will try

What do you mean by an image editor. I’m not familiar with photshop and any graphics software

Something like Photoshop. I use PaintDotNet. There’s also GIMP and many others.

What operating system are you using. Your profile has the wrong information for that.

64 bit operating system

If you somehow intend to create the glass material for rendering and use V-Ray for this, enter Gradient into Tex slot at Refraction > Fog color

Mac or Windows would be the answer to the question.

With fredo thru paint you can paint surfaces with gradient colors, I’m not sure if it’s possible to do it with transparent materials I’ve used it only with solid colors a couple times. You could try it, it’s not a free extension though, but you don’t need to use another software like photoshop or any image manipulation software.