Sliding colors from dark red to dark blue

Hi all,

is it possible to slide colors from dark red to dark blue so that there is no visible dividing lines between different colors
(dark red-light red-…light blue- dark blue)?

Thanks in advance.

As far as I know, not natively in Sketchup. But you can use an image editor to create the colour gradient you want, and apply it as a texture to one or more faces.

RedBlueGradient.skm (177.1 KB)

Hi @karhan ,
The term you’re after is ‘gradient’.

You can check this thread for more info: Blending Colors within a shape
or this tutorial: Applying Gradient Images over Terrain in SketchUp

Also these plugins may help: CLF Color by Slope and CLF Color by Z , Gradientator v1.21

I must say that i’m surprised that Sketchup doesn’t support gradients natively. Is there any technical difficulty to this, anyone knows?

Thanks TIG & filibis,

google translator…:wink:

I’ll check those threads.

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