Licensing Tutorial - link broken - 404


In the API Documentation at:

The link to the ‘Licensing Tutorial’ is broken:

Where could one learn more about the licensing process?


The documentation was revamped to use YARD and a new (ruby.) subdomain created for simplified links.
The YARD template must have assumed the tutorial would also be moved (or be in it’s root folder.)

But the tutorial is part of the extension warehouse project, and the correct URL is:

Also be aware the Developer Center entry portal is here:

… and the Extension Warehouse Guidelines are here:

:pushpin: Documentation Issue logged:


Hi Dan,
When using the following link:

…I’m only shown a Developer Center overview page. Is there another link that’s working properly for the licensing tutorial?



Andrew the issue is still open because I actually changed the link in the documentation, but about the same time someone at Trimble redirected the link to the Developer landing page (with no explanation why.)

@tt_su has pinged @ChrisFullmer for an explanation in the latest post in the issue thread:


HELP !! I need a tutorial on licensing.
I can’t believe it is gone for so long without being replaced !
Must I understand that we are asked to use other means than SU API ?
To license SU extensions ?


Hmm, I’m looking into this. I’m not sure why it went away. It probably got lost in the shuffle. I’ll try to find the previous version and get it published asap.


Except the previous version recommended a method which was easily hackable from the ruby console.


pls, use the same url, or we’ll have to edit the documentation (again.)


Any news on this?


Still nothing !! ??


I made my own licensing test code public so others can use it as inspiration:

A similar implementation is used in my two commercial plugins and seem to work because people are buying them and one user even reported an error that couldn’t have occurred unless ExtensionLicense#licensed? returns true.


How nice of you. :smiley:
Many thanks.
I will have a look at it.